Cawmat Engineering

Bandsaw manufacture, blade setting and sharpening equipment

Cawmat Bandsaw Manufacturer

Cawmat-headquartersBased in the heart of the garden route in South Africa, Cawmat is a specialist engineering firm with over thirty years experience.  During the past 10 years, our experience in the forestry industry led to a demand for manufacture of bandsaws and other specialised forestry equipment.  Our range of bandsaws includes portable equipment through to high-end quad saws, unique in the world.  In addition to the solid design, we incorporate a number of electronic features which allows for the ultimate in configurability and programmability. Tested in the most rugged conditions, our bandsaws have repeatedly been proven to be worldclass, and competitively priced. 


Although bandsaw manufacture has become our mainstream business, we haven't lost our general engineering capability, and still provide a range of general engineering services to various industries.


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